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58 Minutes Running Time
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Matzo & Mistletoe

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Matzo & Mistletoe

“Feiffer’s fine film adds some horseradish to a heated debate.”
-Michael Elkin, The Philadelphia Jewish Exponent

"... the film is so good, so smooth and so beautifully done, it almost resembles a Hollywood feature with Oscar potential. Recommended for public library collections and academic library collections..."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

Filmmaker Kate Feiffer was six years old when her father told her she was Jewish. Since she celebrated Christmas and never attended synagogue, this information came as a surprise. In Matzo & Mistletoe, Feiffer interviews a fascinating cast of characters, and uses archival footage, illustration, and clips from television shows and movies to ponder the paradox of American secular Judaism.

Matzo & Mistletoe features interviews with Ms. Feiffer’s mother, Judy Feiffer; her father, cartoonist/​writer Jules Feiffer; broadcast legend Mike Wallace; author of The Vanishing American Jew, Alan Dershowitz; essayist Daphne Merkin; journalists Walter Shapiro and Meryl Gordon, Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, and others.

Matzo & Mistletoe is an engaging exploration of personal identity. Many Americans struggle to hold on to their ethnic and religious heritage while conforming to an American identity. As a country populated by immigrants and the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of immigrants, it is natural that concerns about assimilation and acculturation play heavily into our national identity. Through an exploration of secular Jewish identity, Matzo & Mistletoe furthers dialogue about these important aspects of being an American in the 21st century.

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These are some of the fabulous film festivals that screened Matzo & Mistletoe:
The Museum of The City of New York
The Boston Jewish Film Festival
The Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival
The Detroit Jewish Film Festival
The Toronto Jewish Film Festival
The Maine Jewish Film Festival
The Dayton International Jewish Film Festival
Jewish Arts, Authors, Movies & Music Festival in Denver
The Alabama Jewish Film Festival
The Columbus Jewish Film Festival

The Birmingham Jewish Film Festival

Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival

Tuscaloosa Jewish Film Festival

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