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Oliver Keaton wanted a baby brother, but he got a sister. This was a problem, a problem he could fix. But how?

Kate Feiffer and Diane Goode team up again:

"When thinking of outstanding pairs a number of dynamite duos come to mind - Rogers and Hart, Stanley and Livingstone, Fred and Ginger, Holmes and Watson, lox and bagels? Seriously, in the world of children's literature Feiffer and Goode certainly top the list."
-Gail Cooke reviewer/blogger

"This clever cautionary tale is nothing short of spectacular."
-School Library Journal

"An excellent choice for reading aloud."

"A warm-hearted and witty story that will bring families together whether or not they are expecting a new baby."
-Kirkus Reviews

Simon & Schuster  2010

Order But I Wanted a

Baby Brother now:

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