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Can there ever be too much pink?

 Double Pink continues to  charm enthusiasts of all colors of the rainbow!


The story behind Double Pink

Once there was a little girl whose mother dressed her in orange and blue and yellow. One day this little girl discovered a new color. Pink. Had her mother been hiding this glorious color from her?  The little girl purged all thoughts of other colors to focus on pink.  Her mother took note. Well, she took lots of notes and then she wrote a story. The story was later illustrated by a talented artist by the name of Bruce Ingman. In 2005, Double Pink was published by Simon & Schuster. Since then, children have been happily reading it night after night. But what about the little girl that inspired the whole thing? She's in high school now, and yes, she still loves the color pink!

"Feiffer has an economy of style and understated wit that reminds me of her father, Jules, and also of the way children really speak."
- Penelope Green, The New York Times Book Review

"Feiffer's simple, easy to read text, and Ingman's playful illustrations, combine to make Madison's over the top tale of obsession one that is sure to appeal to pink lovers and non-pink lovers everywhere.

—Pat Trattles, Children's Literature  

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