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"You are what you write" -Lucy Bertels

Will Lucy, Nicky and Pigeon be able to find Nicky's missing Grandma Zelda. Handwritten clues lead the way.

Test your skill. Can you find the fake?

Order Signed By Zelda


Simon & Schuster 2011

A Flamingnet Top Choice Award winner

"Consistently quirkily entertaining and insightful" -

The Chicago Tribune

"Gratifying...A quick and steady story for readers who like some substance to their mystery but are not quite ready for the complexity of Blue Balliett. " - Kirkus Reviews

"Signed by Zelda is a marvelously magical, mesmerizingly mirthful book. I absolutely adored it!"
Alan Katz, Take Me Out of the Bathtub

"Fascinating and FUNNY. (I made 74 smiley faces in the margins by the end). I LOVED this book. " - Coleen Paratore, The Wedding Planner's Daughter

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