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 Morning Pages: A Novel

"Children’s book author Feiffer (No Go Sleep!) centers her winning adult debut on a playwright floundering amid family drama and a pressing deadline." -Publishers Weekly

When her professional and family life collide, a playwright starts journaling every morning to push through her writer’s block in this laugh-out-loud and fresh take on family, friendship, and the chaos of midlife.

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Published by Regalo Press

Distributed by Simon & Schuster

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Audio book 
Narrated by Mia Barron
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“Those in the mood for a lighthearted story that deals with some darker family themes will appreciate this.” - Publishers Weekly

“Feiffer’s novel is a seductive meditation on the shifting roles women play as daughters, mothers, wives, and artists. Full of wise observations and a scathing wit, this smart, engrossing read will stay with you long after you’ve finished. Original and enthralling.” - Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author

“Morning Pages plies a withering wit in the service of an open-hearted exploration of love, career, and family. As the playwright-narrator tackles her block through the writers-class exercise of early morning free association, we feel the squeeze of her sandwich-generation predicament, caring for a declining mother and an inscrutable and increasingly distant adolescent son. Not since Andrew Sean Greer’s Less have I laughed so much and, at the same time, been so moved.” - Pulitzer Prize winning author Geraldine Brooks

“I laughed out loud at Kate Feiffer’s comic characters and clever way with words. Her protagonist Elise is caught in the all-too-common middle-aged pickle of being sandwiched between a disengaged teenage son and an overly engaged parent, while at the same time, trying to revive her flatlining career and moribund love life. Feiffer’s inventive framework of a play within a novel deftly reveals the challenging issues beneath the humor. The reader roots for Elise to find a path forward and show us the way.” - Alisyn Camerota, CNN

“A compulsively readable tale of a woman writer in a full-fledged ‘sandwich-generation’ crisis. Her interior monologue is a hilarious, poignant blend of existentialism and stand-up comedy. Feiffer’s playfully eviscerating-yet-compassionate observational humor is so incisive, I could barely refrain from calling friends to read snippets of it aloud. And her prose is simply addictive: each new paragraph brings some delicious wordplay; I want a Phrase-a-Day calendar stolen from Elise’s morning pages.” - Nicole Galland, Author of Stepdog

“Kate Feiffer has done with words what she is best known for with her illustrations, making us laugh out loud but also feeling the profound power of heartwarming love.” - Nancy Slonim Aronie, Founder, Chilmark Writing Workshop

"Ms. Feiffer book glows with warm pathos and human insight. For a close-focus drama about a middle-aged woman working through writer’s block, Morning Pages makes for unexpectedly gripping reading." -Steve Donoghue, Vineyard Gazette

"A heartwarming, sometimes hilarious meditation on writer’s block, expectations, and the push and pull of constantly shifting identities. " - Martha's Vineyard Magazine

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron was first published in 1992, and it was then that the world was introduced to morning pages. "What are morning pages?" Cameron writes: “Put simply the morning pages are three pages of long handwriting strictly stream of consciousness."  A huge thank you to Julia Cameron for coming up with this magnificent tool that has helped get countless numbers of people over their various blocks. 


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