Books for Children


Mask Up - 19.5 x14" Gouache, ink and watercolor. For more info - R. Michelson Galleries.

Reconnecting (sold)

Mermaids don't have to social distance


Look at the Moon

Feeling droopy

Enough is Enough

Together - Mixed media (sold)



Party Clothes

I see you too (sold)

Sweet Smell of Success (sold)

Good Morning, Flower (sold)

Bye Bye Birdie (sold)

doodle hair

Feiffer_Save me twitter bird

twitter and tie

Checked (sold)

Yoga with chickens

Frog on dog

Walking MV (available)

Turtle and fish

There are 140 characters in a Tweet

Connect the Dots - Slacks

Connect the Dots - Spring Thoughts


A selection of published illustrations

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