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The rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” told in the style—and substance—

 of the great English poets from Edmund Spenser to Stevie Smith.

Advance praise from poet Billy Collins:

"David Ewbank’s versatility in the art of literary imitation is nothing short of shapeshifting. Here are 32 high-wire acts of poetic impersonation, which ironically elevate Mary and her famous little lamb, while honoring the great English poets—all to the delight of every reader’s inner English major. Mother Goose herself rises to applaud, somehow. And Kate Feiffer’s drawings are a charming bonus.”   

Advance praise from Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Geraldine Brooks: The Lamb Cycle made me laugh with delight even as it delivered a masterclass on poetic form. David R. Ewbank captures each of the great poets’ stylistic tics and thematic preoccupations, and imbues them with a visionary verve all his own. The poems are perfectly paired with Kate Feiffer’s elegant illustrations, brimming with wit and wonderment.”

A few Paintings, Drawings, and Doodles

Dog Day Afternoon Mixed media. 18" x 24" For more info
Peace 2023
58 People,  5 Birds, and 1 Dog
Connecting the dots
Middle aged mermaid convention 4
Much Ado.
Doodle cameo Kate

Join the doodle people! Commissions available

Doodle with Frankie
Convention of middle-aged mermaids - Gouache, watercolor, pen and ink.  Image 12" x 15" on 16 x x 20
Mask Up - 19.5 x14" Gouache, ink and watercolor. For more info - R. Michelson Galleries.
Brightening up a grey day - Gouache, wat
Reconnecting (sold)
Unmasked -12.5"x17
Enough is Enough
Together - Mixed media (sold)
Party Clothes
I see you too (sold)
Feeling droopy
Look at the Moon
Sweet Smell of Success (sold)
Bye Bye Birdie (sold)
Feiffer_Save me twitter bird
twitter and tie
Checked (sold)
Yoga with chickens
Frog on dog
Walking MV (available)
Turtle and fish
There are 140 characters in a Tweet
Connect the Dots - Slacks
Connect the Dots - Spring Thoughts
Good Morning, Flower (sold)
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