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Books for Children

The perfect  gift for the English majors in your life!

Lamb Cycle cover.jpg

Illustrated by Kate

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The rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” told in the style—and substance— of the great English poets from Edmund Spenser to Stevie Smith.

Advance praise from poet Billy Collins:

David Ewbank’s versatility in the art of literary imitation is nothing short of shapeshifting.    

Advance praise from Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Geraldine Brooks: The Lamb Cycle made me laugh with delight even as it delivered a masterclass on poetic form... The poems are perfectly paired with Kate Feiffer’s elegant illustrations, brimming with wit and wonderment.

A few Paintings, Drawings, and Doodles

Dog Day Afternoon Mixed media. 18" x 24" For more info
Peace 2023
58 People,  5 Birds, and 1 Dog
Connecting the dots
Middle aged mermaid convention 4
Much Ado.
Doodle cameo Kate

Join the doodle people! Commissions available

Doodle with Frankie
Convention of middle-aged mermaids - Gouache, watercolor, pen and ink.  Image 12" x 15" on 16 x x 20
Mask Up - 19.5 x14" Gouache, ink and watercolor. For more info - R. Michelson Galleries.
Brightening up a grey day - Gouache, wat
Reconnecting (sold)
Unmasked -12.5"x17
Enough is Enough
Together - Mixed media (sold)
Party Clothes
I see you too (sold)
Feeling droopy
Look at the Moon
Sweet Smell of Success (sold)
Bye Bye Birdie (sold)
Feiffer_Save me twitter bird
twitter and tie
Checked (sold)
Yoga with chickens
Frog on dog
Walking MV (available)
Turtle and fish
There are 140 characters in a Tweet
Connect the Dots - Slacks
Connect the Dots - Spring Thoughts
Good Morning, Flower (sold)
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